broken window glass
broken window glass under my boot treads 
leather black against tinted glass green
i think this break-in 
stole the snow 

they litter their sidewalks with cracked ink
evidence of crime 
‘gainst nature and time 
they hate it (the cold the snow) 
tell me to break 
my windows smash 
my mirrors 
toss the shards to sidewalk cures 

glasses down i don’t wanna break the ice 
lips spread teeth out in the white 
incisors bite down 
can’t you see i’m smiling bright? 
don’t take my clothes at their worth
i’m enjoying all this sight 
throwing keys against the ice i’d rather 
lick the falling rice 
than smash my face in a clear glass 

detritus of the burglary 
crunching shards against the heel 
of feet they’d cut in summertime 
maybe in a minute a month 
i’ll break the frosted windows crack 
my blue glasses and 
scream and shatter and throw it all 
to the sidewalks show it all 
my magnificent theft of winter 
the breakin and breakout will be all
that is left
maybe in a second a semester 
i’ll sit in my room and sprinkle broken glass 
on my toast and tea 
and cuddle the dead heaters heart at last 

but somehow i think 
i’d rather the joyride 
to the breakin 
i’d prefer the snow 
to the salt 
the impulse flow 
to the controlled stall 

so keep your broken glass to 
yourself your burgled cars 
to your own health 
i’ll walk in the white 

i like the bite